Always something different

Our 2 lane drive through Bottlo has Newy’s largest offering of unique Craft Beer from Australia and all over the world. We have an ever changing product range and pride ourselves on using local knowledge to stock from Australia’s best wine growing regions, brewers/beers as well as notable, up and coming young wine makers. Our team handpick the wines that are winning reputable and current awards, and customers often comment there’s always something different or unique on offer.  We are also pleased to offer new preservative free wines.

Come in and check out our awesome craft beers and boutique wines!

2015 Australian Hotel Association “Awards for Excellence” Winner for Best Retail Liquor Outlet. 



Meet Scotty

If you are one of the few people in Newcastle who haven’t yet stopped by to see Scotty, please do! Scotty is seriously passionate about his beer and plonk and helping customers find what they love, or discovering new favourites.  

“Customer Service is the most important thing” says Scotty. Our number one priority is to ensure our customers are fully informed about what they’re buying and to guarantee satisfaction as much as possible.”  

But he’s not the salesy type and will never push anything on a customer.  Scotty has a relaxed, low key manner and says “I find the best approach is to let customers guide themselves at first but you’re there if they need you.”

“We’re just a bunch of guys that really love our booze.”  

“Our biggest focus at the moment is fine wines”, says Scotty. “We like to be a step above but by no means are pretentious. We’re just a bunch of guys that really love our booze.  And that doesn’t necessarily mean pricey.”

Scotty recommends

Scotty likes to focus on family owned wine makers like Glaetzer and also highly recommends Alex Head,  who he says “really knows his fruit and does it very well”  

“Beers can be such a hard thing to recommend because it’s a constantly changing market. At the moment I like Akasha and Four Pines  because they have a please all approach and cater to everybody, which is always a plus”  


Don’t miss the walk-in Cheese Room

While you’re there, also ask Scotty about POW’s walk in Cheese Room, Newcastle’s one and only! It stocks everything from local cheese, like Hunterbelle, to fully imported cheese from all over the world. Click here for more info