• Howie and Alex

    Feb 2017
    - 7.30pm -

    Whether the vibe is quiet and intimate or an all out party atmosphere, Howie and Alex will set the perfect mood.

    Howard (guitar and vocals) and Alex (drums and percussion) have a special modern take on all styles of music to get your Son, Daughter, Mother, Father, Grandmother or Grandfather dancing. view details

  • Lauren Arms

    Feb 2017
    - 6.30pm -

    Lauren Arms is a quirky, passionate young soloist, who’s unique habit of mashing songs together brings something a little different to the live entertainment scene. Her dynamic use of the loop pedal creates depth, adding percussion and vocal harmonies to her performance. view details

  • Banditts

    Mar 2017
    - 7.30pm -

    BANDDITTS are a rock’n’roll duo band from NSW Central Coast.
    Frontmen Jordan Fleming and Bryce Gleeson have been working together since their first
    band, Sons Of Alamo, which saw the pair play sold-out shows along the East Coast
    between 2010-2014, release four EPs and an album, and play Big Day Out in 2012. view details

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